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For PG, the seventies were the years between 15 and 25. Arguably, you are old enough to know what is going on. Possibly, you did so many drugs that you cannot remember very much. When you are looking for text to go between the pictures (from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”) neither accuracy nor maturity is a factor. Which leads to today’s quiz, Can You Answer These 14 1970s Trivia Questions?

The seventies were the decade after the sixties. Much of the action blamed on the sixties took place in the seventies. Many of the current commentaries are written by people whose grandparents were born in the sixties. During the seventies, recent history was often classified by the decade. Decade thinking is more properly spelled decayed.

You have to wonder about the people who compiled this test. “The 70s represented a massive rise in anti-war demonstrations. One of the best-known demonstrations resulted in the National Guard shooting into a crowd at a university, killing 4 innocent people – what university was it?”

In the early seventies, something called Vietnamization took place. The fighting in Southeast Asia was done more by native troops. The American combat troops were starting to come home. There were fewer causalities. The American people were mostly opposed to the war by this time. The government quit trying to win, and was looking for the fig leaf peace treaty, hopefully in time for the 1972 elections. The first earth day was held, and interest in ecology took root.

The bottom line is that anti-war demonstrations declined during the seventies. The protest part of the sixties peaked about 1968. After four students were killed at Kent State, people decided that protest was not as much fun. The person who wrote this test missed question two.

“What was the highest grossing movie of the 70s?” If you mean which flick made the most money, it was probably “Star Wars.” If you mean which one grossed out the most people, it was a tie between “Jaws” and “The Godfather,” with “Love Story” a serious contender.

While PG intends to finish the quiz, and get a result (a non-seventies way of doing things,) he will probably get tired of writing about it soon. Maybe the sponsors of the quiz should be noted. On question 2 of 14, there is a header ad from IBM: “Defeat every gamer’s enemy: High Ping”. Under the NEXT QUESTION> is an ad asking “Know The Bible?” The reader is linked to

“Who was the best selling musical artist of the 1970s, having sold more than 300 million albums?” “The best selling singer of all time died tragically in the 70s – who was he?” Most people do not have access to sales figures, and many know enough not to trust the ones they do see.

Maybe the key phrase is “died tragically.” Elvis Presley was sitting on the throne. Bing Crosby was walking off the golf course. His last words: “It was a good game.” Given the general feng shui of this exam, the answer is probably Elvis. Jimi Hendrix is the third possible answer.

By question 12 of 14, the writer is running out of steam and/or drugs. “The “Thrilla in Manila” took place in 1975 – what was it?” The choices were Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, the final battle in the Vietnam war, the most tightly contested election in history. The header ad promotes getting a graduate degree at the University of Georgia.

“What famous 70s TV character is this?” The choices are Archie Bunker, Sonny Bono, and The Fonz. Since Mr. Bunker and Mr. Bono were real people, the answer must be The Fonz.

Question 14 of 14 is a trick question. You must sift through the facts carefully here. “What was the name of the scandal that rocked Richard Nixon’s presidency in 1974?” The possible answers are the bay of pigs incident, Munich massacre cover up, Watergate. The seventies were a time of reading between the lines, even if you couldn’t see them very clearly.

PG got 12 questions correct. This earns the doobie-ous title of 70s Trivia Guru!. He missed questions 5 and 11. Number 5 is about a video game launched in 1972.

Number 11 makes PG think something weird is going on. “TV’s longest running game show was launched in 1972, and it still runs everyday! What show is it?” The choices were Family Feud, The Price is Right, and The Hollywood Squares. When PG took a second shot at the quiz, he chose TPIR. The quiz says this is the correct answer. PG is certain that he saw TPIR as a kid in the sixties. Maybe that was in black and white, and the color edition of TPIR was launched in 1972.











District 2 Candidate Debate

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There was a meeting with the candidates for the Brookhaven city council, district 2, thursday night. PG walked to the event, and took a seat towards the back of the hall.

The meeting started on time. Three, of the original four, candidates were there. Charlie Barry had already dropped out. In his opening remarks, Bill Brown announced his withdrawal from the race. Both Mr. Barry and Mr. Brown endorsed John Park.

Mr. Park spoke, followed by remaining candidate Tim Nama. The meeting was moderated by someone from the Chamblee city council. He wore a tie, and was a bit of a jerk. The moderator requested that the audience refrain from applause.

There were a series of questions for the two candidates. Both feel that Pink Pony should remain open, that the Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum is a bad idea, and the Ashford Park Greenspace is a good idea. There is little difference between the two men on the issues.

Truth be told, either man should do a fine job if elected. Mr. Park has a pleasing personality, and would bring ethnic diversity to the council. Mr. Nama has experience in construction, and was Chairman of the Brookhaven Zoning Board of Appeals. The residents should do well with either man in office. It is also helpful to not have a runoff.

One of the questions was what training would you want to get if you were elected. Mr. Park said he would ask Mr. Nama to teach him a few things about zoning. Mr. Nama wanted to learn more about parks, plural. Mr. Park has also discussed the concept of Mr. Nama running for Mayor.

Mr. Nama worked with Citizens for North DeKalb and Brookhaven Yes. These were the committees that put together, and promoted, the proposal to create the city of Brookhaven. This was a matter of concern for PG. During the election to create the city, a group sent a series of controversial mailers out. PG wanted to know if Mr. Nama was connected to the Brookhaven Ballot Committee.

When you entered the meeting hall, there were filing cards to write down questions on. PG wrote down his question, which was ignored by the moderator. Finally, there was a call for questions from the audience. The moderator indicated that PG was to speak.

“We will hear from the man in the blue shirt. Will you please stand up and tell us who you are”
“I am Luther McKinnon. My question is specifically for Mr. Nama.”
“By the rules of the debate you cannot ask a question of just one man.”
“Ok, I can ask it of both men. Mr. Nama said”
“Did you hear what I said. Please take a seat.”

PG was not pleased. After a few more people asked questions, the moderator apparently asked PG if he wanted to ask his question. After a bit of wrestling with the moderator, PG got out the question “Were you affiliated with the Brookhaven Ballot Committee?” The moderator cut PG off. Mr. Nama said no. This was all that needed to happen.

After the meeting, PG talked to Mr. Nama, who explained his role in the creation of the city. Mr. Nama was offended by the mailers, just as PG was. Both men agreed that the matter should be put in the past, and to move forward with the city.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Monica Lewinsky And Jay Bakker

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Political correspondent Monica Samille Lewinsky gave a speech recently. The venue was the Under 30 Summit, sponsored by Forbes magazine. MSL has something in common with Malcolm Forbes.

If you are looking for a mature discussion of the courage displayed by the forty something MSL, perhaps you should look elsewhere. If something good should turn up, then it will be an accident. This is going to be just as tacky as the MSM coverage, of young MSL.

The speech begins with the correspondent saying “My name is Monica Lewinsky.” In the runup to a recent Georgia execution, a popular slogan was “I am Troy Davis.” More recently, a photo appeared of a man, allegedly a Missouri policeman, with a wrist band saying “I am Darren Wilson.” If someone were to market shirts with the slogan “I am Monica Lewinsky,” it might be a popular item.

The speech is nothing to be excited about. MSL was treated dirty online, but her family helped her get through it. Tyler Clementi had a bad online experience, and did not deal with it as well. We should quit bullying each other, and play nice.

MSL is on twitter, with three tweets and 73.5k followers. @MonicaLewinsky social activist. public speaker. contributor to vanity fair. knitter of things without sleeves. The three tweets: #HereWeGo ~ excited (and nervous) to speak to #Under30Summit ~ #gratitude #overwhelmed #thankyou

After listening to the entire message from MSL, PG was feeling less snarky. Bullying and shaming is hurtful. The pride that people take in hurting people is disgusting. (Anti Racists should take heed, but probably will not.) It was tough to know which way to go with this commentary.

Jay Bakker retweeted ‏@RyanMiller Excellent podcast on Love, justice, mercy, chaos, Driscoll & forgiveness with @jaybakker & @JosefGustafsson

When the PTL club petered out, Jay Bakker was a kid. He went through a similar public humiliation as MSL, only he was just the son of the guilty parties. Mr. Bakker has gone on to a career of his own as a professional Jesus worshiper. This is not always an honorable calling.

At the seven minute mark of the linked podcast, Mr. Bakker said: “At a certain point you have to take responsibility for yourself. and realize that you weren’t completely manipulated into a situation. The weird situation is people want to blame these leaders but at the same time we have to remember that we followed them.” No claim of inerrancy is made for this transcript.

PG was only able to listen to thirty five minutes of the podcast. At some point, Mr. Bakker said the church was losing relevance because of some, probably gay related, issue. Mr. Bakker said it was sad. PG, on the other hand, is thrilled that the cult of Jesus worship is losing relevance.

One of the youtubers had a biblical comment about MSL. Proverbs 30:20 Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness. MSL was not married when employed by the government. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Concrete Events

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There were two events in Atlanta yesterday. In the afternoon, some people decided to play in the freeway. The fishwrapper reports Protesters temporarily block Downtown Connector.

The action was a protest against police brutality, and Micheal Brown. The hashtag involved was #blacklivesmatter. How this action will affect life in Missouri is uncertain. Maybe this helped a Missouri team win game two of the world series.

After the pumpkinfest event went out of control, many have drawn comparisons between how things are handled. The word is that white children can go crazy, without consequences, while black children get shot by police. The incident on the downtown connector was at least one time where unarmed black people engage in dangerous activity without being shot.

A mile or so northwest of the Grady curve is the Krog Tunnel. The venerable passage sits under the railroad tracks between Cabbagetown and Inman Park. It is a concrete palimpsest of graffiti, with new offerings spraypainted all the time. Some call it iconic.

Some doofus thought it would be cool to block off this thoroughfare, and have a party. The neighborhood disagreed. The city said go ahead. The Krog Masquerade was set to happen. Lots of neighborhood people were not happy with the arrangement.

Last night, the neighbors got revenge. Krog Tunnel buffed in protest of Masquerade ball. The crazy quilt of street art was painted over. After the party, the tunnel art will get a fresh start, with a new background. It is part of the process. #krogisnotforsale

Pictures for today’s entertainment are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. These pictures were taken May 17, 1955, at Southeastern Movie Festival, a Motion Picture Theatre Owners and Operators of Georgia event.









BO And JS Promote Privilege

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Bill O’Reilly recently appeared on a tv show hosted by Jon Stewart. BO was promoting a book. JS was trying to make money. They call it show business.

The alleged topic of discussion was the murky concept of white privilege. The Jew, and the Irishman, shouted over each other for a few minutes, until it was time for a commercial break. At this point, they held hands and sang Kumbaya. Some people thought it was cool, while others were not so sure.

BO likes to whine about the “War on Christmas” every year. The solstice holiday should be about Jesus. Anyone who disagrees is a poopyhead. Does BO benefit from Christian Privilege?

An unintentionally ironic moment came when JS was reciting his white privilege talking points. “White people do more drugs in this country than black people but black people make up a far higher majority of drug arrests.” Holy meme, Batman.

The war on drugs hurts a lot of people. POC may indeed have it tougher than PWOC. The problem with racializing the war on drugs is that you tend to reinforce the status quo.

It is the old divide and conquer. Get the white people, and black people, fighting each other, and the government fucks everybody. If you make the war on drugs a race issue, you will divide the people. Instead of presenting a united front against the war on drugs, people are fighting over who is hurt by it more. The alcohol industry enjoys the spectacle.

Both BO and JS are employed by the corporate media. This industry is supported by advertising revenue, significantly from the alcohol industry. Those who sell adult beverages benefit from the war on drugs. The alcohol industry enjoys its legal monopoly. The alcohol industry, and alcohol users, enjoy legal privilege. The black people in prison are just a cost of doing business.

Pictures for today’s entertainment are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. These pictures were taken May 17, 1955, at Southeastern Movie Festival, a Motion Picture Theatre Owners and Operators of Georgia event.









Removed From Our Archives

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Only with consent. ~ NoNot (Translated by Bing) ~ Is that only pic? how do we know it is a cop? was the pic photoshopped? this thing seems fishy ~ The last time someone gave me a reality check it bounced. ~ It could be a template for a future work. Walt Whitman may have already said it better than either of us, in the public domain. ~ thinking you are “better” than other PWOC bc you oppose “racist humor” is not going to protect you from the consequences of prejudice ~ This item has not been released yet and is not eligible to be reviewed. ~ Meanwhile, American taxpayers support 53766 troops in Germany. ~ fact checking is not harassment ~ The Muslims I have known are great people. Admittedly this is a small percentage of that population. However, compared to my experience with Christians, the Muslims look pretty good. ~ Are you going to remind us of stonewall? ~ When facebook gives you a cat meme, throw it back and ask for a dog. ~ #NationalPoetryDay #rarvab tacky rhyme do dime toothpaste crime hear mime sneeze lime fornication time~ Why does the weeping willow weep? Because she is not poplar. ~ Your request has been sent. If chooses to allow email from your address, the message(s) that have been intercepted will be delivered immediately, and any future message(s) will be delivered without delay. ~ @TooMessedUp Nothing says “I am too busy” like an abortion. ~ Question Authority, because I said so ~ September 14, 2008 gasoline $4.19 a gallon ~ G-d ‏@TheTweetOfG-d The sooner the Pope accepts gays, the sooner they can help him do something about that wardrobe! #Hideous ~ @pourmecoffee Congratulations Chicago, named by Orkin as America’s most rat-infested city. So happy for you ~ @murderkroger · Before Columbus Day ends, you gotta steal someone’s tweet and claim it as your own ~ This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Kudos! ~ Unfortunately this poem has been removed from our archives at the insistence of the copyright holder.~ Isn’t writers tackle a more accurate phrase? ~ Too many capital letters. ~ Justice for ‘phobes would take the form of being a total top that cannot get it up. Which may be what is going on in this life already. ~ No matter how much conciousness you have about climate change, etc., the fact remains that you are more or less forced to eat food that is brought in using fossil fuels ~.. in the original version of this, I spelled consciousness conciousness. The other spell check options were contagiousness, precociousness, contentiousness. ~ joke over nothing ever survives ~ @NYTMinusContext another depressing article about my depressing sex life ~ What is your question, Joyce? As I said, Melanchthon sounds awfully Presbyterian to me. ~ It would be best to win this without a runoff. ~ Do you wear those to play soccer? ~ If an out GOP was running in my district ~ Either that wallpaper goes or I do. ~ If you were to put that image on your desktop, it would be wallpaper. ~ The fan on my computer. ~ Chat Free & Easy with Exotic Russian Babes! ~ Sorry, the video you have selected is not available for viewing outside of Canada. ~ Is that the bottom line? ~ Arguments only confirm people in their own opinions. Booth Tarkington ~ To live is to war with trolls in heart and soul. Henrik Ibsen ~ Has anyone ever had a pet yellow jacket? ~ helvetica no ~ Maybe the word/label/concept racism is obsolete. ~ are you paying for it, or Upworthy? ~ There was a pre-mortem memorial stone at short mountain. It said Faygele Baker of Bread, Giver of head ~ @fieldnegro @phillydotcom my experience is that commercial media outlets are frequently the home of computer meanies ~ You say more with one hug than you do with a hundred facebook confessions. ~ Why was a memorial stone carved several years before his demise? Also, I believe it was spelled Fegele, without the Y, at least on the stone. Or maybe Fagele. ~ after troy aikmann the cowpies should be used to such things ~ Last week there was an exchage between Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Stewart about “white privilege”. The performance was apparently scripted. They shouted past each other, exchanging platitudes about the nature of privilege. Finally, in time for the commercial break, BO conceded that white privilege is a “factor”. Is this what you want to see on Meet the Press? ~ sometimes what you don’t say is more important that what the moving lips produce ~ Was that written by the little girl, or the alligator? ~ I remember that gathering well. Yes, I worked on that beautiful, impractical stairway. I was back in town, went out to go somewhere, and found a flat tire on my vehicle. When I went back upstairs, a message was on my machine about Michael. ~ In light of his annual “war on xmas” nonsense, BO could be called out on his Christian privilege. This is stronger than white privilege. Most POC are Jesus Worshipers, benefit from Christian Privilege. ~ pictures: “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









Facebook Confessions

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Deliver Me Lord

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02 - Copy






Oscar Wilde

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October 16 is Oscar Wilde’s birthday. On that day in 1854, he appeared in Dublin, Ireland. He is one of the most widely quoted people in the english language. Some of those quotes are real. Since he was a published author, it should be easy to verify what he really said. This is a repost.

One night in 1974, PG was talking to someone, and did not know who Oscar Wilde was. The conversational partner was horrified. PG became educated, and learned about a misunderstanding with the Marquess of Queensberry. Soon the “Avenge Oscar Wilde” signs made sense.

Mr. Wilde once made a speaking tour in the United States. One afternoon, in Washington D.C., the playwright met Walt Whitman. Thee and thou reportedly did the “Wilde thing”.

The tour then went to Georgia. A young black man had been hired as a valet for Mr. Wilde on this tour. On the train ride from Atlanta to Augusta, some people told Mr. Wilde that he could not ride in the same car as the valet. This was very confusing.

After his various legal difficulties, Oscar Wilde moved to Paris. He took ill, while staying in a tacky hotel. He looked up, and said “either that wallpaper goes, or I do”. Soon, Oscar Wilde passed away.








#DearWhitePeople Trailer

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Lizzie Bennett

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Yes, you should be outside in the sunshine. But no, you are going to find out Which classic literary character are you? Good judgement has nothing to do with it.

The first question is the binary classic, are you male or female? Next, you pick a time period to live in. The choices are rather limited, with today not an option. For much for living in the present.

What do you value most in life? The usual suspects…friends, family, wealth, virtue, etc… are available. The correct choice is a player who never spends time worrying about such trifles. He/she/it must pick an animal, a mode of transportation, and decide what is important in a significant other. Maybe this is why he/she/it never seems to meet he/she/it. What a load of she/it.

This character is afraid of something. Casting Madonna for the role. Running out of dope. The IRS looking closely at the tax returns. The condom breaking. Watch a Kayne West video with the sound turned up. The datamongers being fed information by playbuzz.

Pick an image out of the eight selections. What is your dream job? You realize that many dreams are nightmares. Last, you have to pick a movie from a box of pictures. So what if you have never seen any of these. That is why you have an imagination.

The answer is Elizabeth Bennett, a player in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. “You are Lizzie Bennett! One of the strongest females in literature, you stand by your opinions and you are fiercely independent. You have great loyalty towards your family and stand by their side no matter one. When you are in love you make sure not to lose your own personality, and you are very wise about who you trust.” Maybe choosing male was not that important after all. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Now, this just does not work. PG is a cis male, with utterly no intention of alteration. Maybe the test needs to be redone. The second time, with male chosen, the suggested answers are different. Under qualifications for a significant other, “Someone who can challenge me” is an option. Under dream job, it is “anything as long as I’m rich.” It doesn’t matter. The answer is still Lizzie Bennett.










Psalm 123

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